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Premium Buffet Menu Options

Item Charge
Seafood Salad with King Prawns, Calamari, Fennel and CeleryH$6.95 
Salmon Parcels with Roasted Tomato BéarnaiseH$7.50 
Char-grilled Garlic King Prawns with Chilli, Lemon and ParsleyH,GF$7.50 
Barramundi Fillet with Salsa VerdeH,GF$7.50 
Seafood Paella with King Prawns, Mussels and DoryH,GF$6.95 
Fresh OystersH,GF$market price 
Fresh PrawnsH,GF$market price 

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Chicken, Beef, Lamb or Pork+$3.85 per person
From the Pasta Menu+$2.75 per person
From the Vegetable Menu+$2.20 per person
From the Salad Menu+$2.20 per person

Additional Items

Gourmet Canapes served on arrival

$9.90 per person

Delicious Antipasto Platters accompanied with Garlic/Olive/Herb breads

$12.00 per person

Mezze including 3 dips, breads, cheese, nuts, vegetables, olives and vine leaves (Single Serve)

$12.00 per person

Alternate served dessert

$12.00 per person