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Meeting Room Configurations

Understand how to best configure your meeting, training, workshop space?

Choosing the best seating styling for your audience is important.

To gain the maximum benefit from your meeting, conference, training workshop or event, always consider how the room will be configured to ensure you meet your goals and achieve your outcomes.

The following points will help you ensure success for your next meeting, conference, training, workshop or event:

  • What is it that you are looking to achieve? Room layout should not just be set by the number of people required, but by the purpose of the event.
  • Where is the centre of attention?
  • Does the presenter/trainer require full visual of all participants and be able to easily circulate?
  • Do people need to interact with each other?
  • Do you want people in groups without moving people around?


“Ideal for large groups as it utilises the maximum capacity of the room. Suitable where communication tends to be one-way, for instance a presentation where participants just sit and listen, visibility can be difficult to the back and from the back.”


Horseshoe/Semi-circle Seating
“Informal style set that allows for participants to be interactive, share ideas, communicate amongst each other and ideal for demonstrations or role-play.”


Hollow Square
“Good for small groups, encourages conversation and brainstorming, easy to share resources.”


“Creates equality, easy to share resources and promotes interaction”


“The most common and popular form of set for training sessions, the trainer has direct access to each participant, ideal for large group discussions and works well for sessions that require demonstrations, allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages.”


“This style reflects schools, it is an effective use of space for large numbers, allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages.”


Classroom – Herringbone
“All participants are at a good angle to the front, presenter can easily stroll through the centre aisle, allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages, seating capacity is reduced by the trestle tables.”


Banquet/Cabaret (Round Tables)
“Ideal for special events, great for large numbers, encourages group work and mixing, trainer can easily circulate, allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages.”


Feather Single
“Encoruages group discussions and work. Allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages


Feather Double
“Encourages group discussions and work. Allows for note-taking and consumption of food and beverages



If in doubt or you would like assistance with planning your Corporate Event, please feel free to liaise with our friendly and professional Events Team on 8757 9090 as we can customise the configuration. From our experience we have found that a combination of configurations are required to ensure your Corporate Event success!

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